Ernest Mabuza

It's time to set a court date for Zuma corruption case

'The charges are in fact automatically reinstated and the NPA must give President Zuma a date by which he is to appear in court'


RDM Staff

WATCH: David Cameron's remarkable resignation speech

Prime minister resigns, saying a caretaker is needed to guide the UK out of European Union


TMG Digital

Court turns Zuma appeal down — he must face corruption charges

Zuma's request for an appearl was dismissed with costs by the North Gauteng High Court


Ntsakisi Maswanganyi

How badly will Britain leaving EU hit South Africa's economy?

A Brexit vote would probably cause rand weakness and shave about 0.1% off SA’s GDP


What is wrong with our democracy?

The criminal scenes playing out in Pretoria show what power is vested with the lootocrats


Profile Picture

Haiti's miraculous transformation has lessons for South Africa

SA has its own socioeconomic challenges similar to Haiti, such as the alleviation of poverty and the provision of housing for an estimated 1.25 million households


Oracle vs Google — like a cricket test match

The latest patent feud between Oracle and Google is about as exciting as watching a cricket test match end in a draw


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Bay showdown: Can the Springboks beat Ireland again?

The Irish are on the brink of history if they win and claim the three-Test series 2-1


A victory against shitty service delivery

Failure to sort out the local sewerage works led to raw sewage flowing into the Bushman's River estuary and thus into the sea


Musing about discourse in a Dubai airport

Now I'm no stranger to long conversations about zombie end-times. I can passionately uphold both sides of whether or not a zombie can float


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Mercedes S-Class cabriolet: Powerful with unique ability to transform itself

S-Class cabriolet goes to pretty much every effort imaginable to cosset you from the vulgarities of the world


Fiona Forde

Why Thoko Didiza is back in politics with a bang

Whispers of Didiza's possible nomination as mayor were heard last year, when ANC Gauteng was faced with the possibility that it could lose the capital city


Ray Hartley

Jacob Zuma: Gangster-in-chief

Zuma's tortured journey to the top of SA politics began when he was made deputy president. It was a reluctant decision which Thabo Mbeki came to regret


Justice Malala

Why Brexit matters to South Africa and the world

This move will have repercussions that will hit us sooner rather than later

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Muhammad Ali's is the only Walk of Fame star that is mounted on a wall instead of the pavement because in his faith, the name Muhammad is sacred and not to be stepped on. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES


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