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Zuma: I'm not at war with Gordhan, I'm his boss

'It should be noted that the President controls all government departments including the National Treasury‚ as the head of government'


RDM Staff

Parliament passes Expropriation Bill — no more 'willing seller, willing buyer'

The bill will allow government to purchase land at a value set by a 'state adjudicator' and expropriate it 'in the public interest'


Hilary Joffe

Standard Bank bosses grilled about the Guptas

'We believe in the sanctity of contract and the relationship between the bank and its clients is based on trust'


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Weekend Special: Van Rooyen's R500 000 stay in five-star hotel

The Department of Public Works justified the expense by saying there was no official state-owned residence available when he was appointed as a minister


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ANC members protest in Pretoria over 'corrupt' election list

Ninety taxis and a bus were stationed outside the venue as unhappy party delegates say they want party leadership to intervene


Is it paranoia or is the boss mad?

Every crumbling empire has its politically untouchable buffoon who ends up as the unwitting mascot of self-deluding decline


There's a new 'war' for your home

Google is trying to catch up with Amazon with a voice assistant in the latest round of home automation attempts


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Coetzee announces Springbok revolution

Nine uncapped players named in squad coach says is based on form


Sexual harassment and employee protection

Employers have a duty to protect anyone they deal with who is sexually harassed by an employee


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Let the Mother City light the way forward

Cape Town has demonstrated that with the right people at the top we can maintain South Africa's magnificence


Coming soon: Race cars without drivers

But will technology without the human element entertain us or bore us?


Peter Bruce

C'mon, Mr President. We know what you're really up to

So if little bits of the state are captured then it‘s OK, he seems to be saying


Justice Malala

Inside Zuma's Machiavellian plan to shaft Gordhan

A smear campaign and mounting criticism of the Treasury will set the scene


Justice Malala

South Africa: The coming revolution

'Take hope away and the match is lit. The young will eat up their parents and their country'

Picture of the day

Louisa Wynand, who has decided to reveal her identity after her sexual harassment case against Marius Fransman was dropped - picture: Supplied